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How to Catch Crayfishes

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Author: seph
Posted on 08/02/2004
An informative guide on how to fish.


This is sort of a tutorial on the Swedish rituals around crayfishes.
It is split in three parts.
How to Catch Crayfishes.
How to Cook Crayfishes.
How to Eat Crayfishes.

First of all, ask your local fishing care organization to find out when you are allowed to catch crayfishes in the lake you plan to fish them from.

Then get the necessary equipment.
You will need a couple of crayfish-cages, crayfish-traps or crayfish-bag nets.
You might need a boat, if the lake doesn’t have a very steep bottom and there is no bridge or pier.
You need a fishing net to catch bait.
You need a knife, if the bait is too big.

Now. The first you do, is send invitations to all your friends and family, and say they are welcome to a crayfish party in two days.
Then you think up an excuse if you should catch no crayfishes at all.

Next, put out the net in the lake. Do this on the afternoon and let it stay in the water during the night. Pick it up at dawn, before it gets to light and warm.
The best fish is the one you can’t (or at least don’t want to) eat. Often those have white flesh instead of the reddish that is common at the usual food-fish.

Make sure there are no big holes in the cages, and prepare them by putting fish in all of them. Make sure the fish is stuck in the middle of the cage. If it is laying on the edges, the crayfish will be able to eat of it without entering the cage, and that is a bad thing.

Now it is time to put the cages in the lake. This is also done in the afternoon.
If there is a lot of vegetation in the lake, the bottom may be covered with black pieces of dead plants. The crayfish often lives among plants and rocks in the water, and outside their nests, they often scratch the bottom, so the black rests of plants are scratched away, and you can see the sand under it. Those spots are good places to put the cages.
Make sure the entire cage is underwater and that it lays pretty straight without leaning in any direction. Put the string with the float on a good place, so that you can see it easily. You should remember the place so well that you could wake up in the middle of the night and go pick the cage up.

Go to sleep.

Wake up in the middle of the night and go pick up the cages.
This process is called to vitj the cages.
You simply take your boat.
Row to the cage.
Pick it up (the cage, not the boat).
Take all the crayfishes out. If you put one finger on each side of the big plate on the crayfishes back and keep your hand behind it, it won’t be able to touch you with its big, scary claws.
Put them in a bucket witch you of course were smart enough to bring on the boad.
Make sure there is still a big piece of fish in the cage. If not, put another in.
Put the cage back.
Repeat this with all cages.
Put the bucket-o’-crayfishes in a cold, dark place to preserve its freshness and aliveness.
Go back to sleep.

Wake up at dawn, reeealy early.
Swear some about having to wake up so early.
Repeat the process above with all the cages, but do not put them back into the water, and do not add extra fish.
Congratulations, you have successfully gone crayfish… -fishing.

Go to sleep, and sleep as damned long as you like.

Note: It is important that the crayfishes are alive right before you cook them. If they are alive after cooking, you need to do it again.