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Ramza gets interviewed

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Author: Devinfire
Posted on 08/02/2004
Devinfire, the staff reviewer!


(15:15:37) (%Devinfire) \\Interview Start\\
(15:15:57) (%Devinfire) So...Tell the good people of blade2k about yourself
(15:16:21) (@Ramza) Hey, I'm Ramza, the resident rm2k genius, game reviewer, tutorial writer, and global moderator
(15:16:33) (@Ramza) not to mention all around God of video games (much more so than morpheus
(15:16:49) (@Ramza) oh... and my keyboard is broke... so pardon the typoes
(15:16:57) (%Devinfire) indeed.
(15:17:15) (%Devinfire) so...how long have you been into rpg making?
(15:17:42) (@Ramza) ever since the day I got my computer, a little over 2 years ago.
(15:18:24) (@Ramza) I was interested in it long before that, but had no options there
(15:18:47) (%Devinfire) yeah...have any projects that you're working on?
(15:19:08) (@Ramza) heh of course!
(15:19:20) (@Ramza) The godliest rm2k game ever, Mana Conquest!
(15:19:31) (@Ramza) I'm sure you've heard of it XD
(15:19:48) —› nick: (blue) is now known as (voicemenow)
(15:20:18) (%Devinfire) yeah we have, and no@blue, unless you don't talk.
(15:20:40) (%Devinfire) It looks very good
(15:20:46) —› mode: (Devinfire) sets (+v voicemenow)
(15:20:55) (@Ramza) why thank you
(15:20:57) —› nick: (voicemenow) is now known as (blue)
(15:21:41) (%Devinfire) Moving on, Do you have any hobbies outside of rpg making
(15:21:49) (%Devinfire) *?
(15:22:17) (@Ramza) well, I play a lot of video games... mostly rpgs (no surprise there)
(15:22:26) (@Ramza) Play a little lacross and badminton...
(15:22:40) (@Ramza) and I'm staff at a major website... most likely you know what that is =D
(15:22:41) —› •blue• feel free to comment if you wish
(15:22:56) (%Devinfire) I can guess-blade2k?
(15:23:04) (+blue) what is lacross
(15:23:10) (+blue) ?
(15:23:26) (@Ramza) a sport similiar to hockey that was created by native americans
(15:23:38) (+blue) oh, ok
(15:23:40) (@Ramza) correct! XD
(15:23:49) (%Devinfire) only the preppy italians play it here
(15:24:09) (%Devinfire) >_>
(15:24:19) (%Devinfire) What's your favorite game?
(15:24:36) (@Ramza) when you play it full-contact like me and my friends often do, it can be quite fun (and painful)
(15:24:50) (@Ramza) I'd have to say that my Favorite game is Final Fantasy Tactics
(15:25:24) (+blue) which is the best gane ever
(15:25:28) (%Devinfire) ...not much of a suprise, I mean ypur name IS Ramza...-_-
(15:25:34) (+blue) *game
(15:25:42) —› mode: (Ramza) sets (-v blue)
(15:25:47) (@Ramza) >:D
(15:26:05) (%Devinfire) On a diffrent note, what do you think of fire?
(15:26:23) (@Ramza) ummm... it's hot... and warm... and very fun to work with....
(15:26:28) (@Ramza) kinda like losl's mom!
(15:26:35) (%Devinfire) >_>
(15:26:40) (@Ramza) =D
(15:26:41) (%Devinfire) Are you a pyro?
(15:26:45) —› nick: (blue) is now known as (waiting)
(15:27:07) (@Ramza) I prefer the term "fire-liking guy"
(15:27:24) —› mode: (Ramza) sets (+v waiting)
(15:27:30) (%Devinfire) meh
(15:27:38) (%Devinfire) Whichever.
(15:27:53) (%Devinfire) Any last comments?
(15:28:14) (@Ramza) everyone who reads this has to pay me $4000 american funds
(15:28:31) (@Ramza) this is to compensate me for not banning you... for no... apparent reason
(15:29:03) • %Devinfire is afraid now
(15:29:10) (@Ramza) you too devinfire
(15:29:27) • %Devinfire forks over 6000 canadians
(15:29:33) (@Ramza) in fact... for spending this much of my time... you owe me.... $78659984.94
(15:29:48) (%Devinfire) sure.
(15:29:50) (@Ramza) >:D
(15:29:57) (%Devinfire) \\Interview End\\