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Morpheus' Review From Hell #3: Shining Force: Ressurection of the Dark Dragon

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Author: Morpheus
Posted on 08/02/2004
Morpheus has reviewed again


Shining Force: Ressurection Of The Dark Dragon
Console: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Strategy RPG

Shining Force Instruction Booklet

I was madly looking forward to this game, and I wasn't let down. It's a remake of an old RPG as most of you know, and it's been tweaked and made better beyond words

I probably don't need to tell a lot of you the storyline to this classic but here it goes. Long ago the gods sealed away a Dark Dragon which terrorized the land and was bent on destroying the world. This dark dragon swore to come back 1000 years later. This story in the course of time was dismissed as legend. You're a young boy with no default name (I like the name Shinta, its what i named mine) who washed upon the shores of a land called Guardiana one year ago. The people of this land took you in and the captain of the knights taught you swordsman ship.
All was peaceful, but the armies of the land of Runefaust sturred and made problems for all the other lands. They eventually attack Guardiana. The king and your character's mentor are killed. They are looking for a way to unseal the dark dragon. You begin a valiant quest to stop them. I'm impressed with how this storyline was revamped in the new GBA version and I'm loving it.
[Storyline 4/5]

I shudder a bit at this. They made the graphics compared the original much better, but their still a bit lacking by today's GBA standards. The battle sprites are what I'm in love with.
[Graphics 3/5]

The music is completely original, well, it was when i heard it back on the original version, they kept the same music, but added some new sounds and it all is very good together.
[Sound/Music 4/5]

It's your standard strategy RPG. You move units around and have them attack, kind of like FFT but a bit more rugged. Each unit has it's own abilities, and own weapons and they all can upgrade when they hit level 10 but they dont have to and in some cases, (the main character) its better to wait to upgrade them. It's fun all around.
[Gameplay 3/5]

4/5 - - Storyline
3/5 - - Graphics
4/5 - - Sound/Music
4/5 - - Gameplay
15/20 - Overall - Not as good as Fire Emblem, but still very good

Scoring Guide
5/5 - - Above Excellence
4/5 - - Great
3/5 - - Ok, but lacking
2/5 - - Bad
1/5 - - Dear god why did you make this?

Star Ratings by Tumble_Weed, thanks man.