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Fuk The Schew. Fuk Teh Musik.

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Author: losl
Posted on 08/02/2004
losl rants a bit about subcultures.

Its that magical time of year once again. Time when all those annoying little brats gather up their notepads and pencils with race cars and baseball teams printed on them, and kiss their mommy goodbye because they are going back to the American School system where, they will have their personality revoked in order to "fit in" to a common crowd and make their own little "friends."
I can safely say I have never been "popular" and I am proud to say so. I have never decided to give up myself to get what I want until that stupid bell rings for the last time three years from now. Who honestly gives a fuck who you hung out with in high school when you get to college?
So stare at them just standing there like they are the kings of the fucking world. Well whoop-de-do, they have the opinion of the school Populus because they have been beaten to succession by pop culture. Robots spreading the masses of jeans with logos sewed onto them and tee-shirts that say Abercrombie & Fitch in big letters. Stupid walking ads.
I hate their music. I wish to kill the people that sing those evil songs that have reached the number one on the billboard top twenty charts. There are two pop radio stations near my little ville of Platte City, and my sister has listened between the two since she was nine. I have listened to those stupid things go from AFL 65's "blue" to Nelly to 50 cent and songs that go "fuck fuck fuck fuck suck my dick fuck you fuck me fuck fuck fuck" set to a cell phone beat. I'm sorry but that really is not something anyone should have to endure, and yet, it is popular.
You know why Napster and every other P2P software is being sued? Its pop culture. Think about it. Some nerdy guy like say, me, finds Napster on his cool little "hacker/Starcraft" site and downloads it so he can get that deep dark dirty punk heavy metal rock against the capitalist machine of pop culture. But, his sister finds it and starts downloading pop music, and soon enough all her little friends who she "loves" one day and wants them to goto hell the next day... ah how the cycle repeats.
So onto another thing, my school. It wreaks of pop culture bleeding disgusting me, impossible to escape. Nothing is worth while in my school except football. If your not on the football team you’re a nobody in the eyes of the "popular" people which is mostly because the popular people ARE the football team. What can I say? Fuk The Schew. Those that aren't on the football team or dating one who is, and even some of those are posers. I want to know how the idea of the coolest No. 1 song comes around when nobody can make up their FUCKING MIND without the help of FORTY of their closest friends. There are maybe 2 legitimate goths in my school and every single one of the rest of the fuckers is a poser. Why do people think that just because their hair "happens" to be black, they can dress in black and be goth... it makes me sick.
I can safely say that I am not a goth. I am not a Jock. I am not a poser. Someone calls me a nerd, and I am proud to say "yep that’s me." I have nothing to hide. I like my lifestyle of spending hours in front of this screen doing what the masses think to be as
"nothing." Any one who thinks their life sucks and fuck it. You are who you create. By giving into those masses who think that cars with spoilers go fast because the cars in "The Fast and the Furious" go fast are really really stupid. I don't know very much about cars, and I don't claim to... but I do know you have to go pretty damn fast in a pretty fucking aerodynamic car to that much down force.
I'm sure someone will read this and say, "heh, what a jackass." Go to hell.

Have A Nice day.