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The Blue Review-1st Round Draft Picks

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Author: Blue
Posted on 08/02/2004
Blue's reviews


1st Round Draft Picks
Mike Jones & Magnificent

Swishahouse Records

Itís the return of blueís review for Tumble_Weed, and itís a few weeks late, but be glad I remembered about it.

Swishahouse Records is on the third coast (Texas) and is to the South what Bad Boy and G-Unit is to NYC and Aftermath and LBC is to LA. Swishahouse ainít one of the major records with thousands of employees but they donít need them. Itís just the DJ, rapper, and mic. The songs arenít written by other people, or by themselves. They use their freestyle skills to rip it on the mic, and thatís what gets them signed in the first place. But about the CDÖ

This CD comes with a remix CD of the original 15 songs. Itís an underground record, so you might not find it in your local Wal-Mart. Almost of the songs are freestyle, a few have choruses and other people in them. If u arenít in a southern state like Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, or Tennessee, you might not hear the songs on the at all , unless you have the internet with Kazaa.

The songs on the CD are all good if you like chopped and screwed style music. And the beats are all nice, at least to me. Here go the tracks to the songs here.

Disk 1

1. Skit Intro
2. Day 2 Day Grindin
3. U Ballin
4. Dont Work U Dont Eat
5. Skit
6. Coming Out Hard
7. Cutting
8. We Got Em
9. From da City
10. U Feel Good Dont U
11. Freestyle
12. Swishahouse N This Mutha
13. Chant
14. Rookie of da Year
15. Ghetto Cry Remix][*]

Disk 2

1. U Ballin [Remix][*]
2. Coming Out Hard [Remix][*]
3. On da Block [Remix][*]
4. Day 2 Day Grindin [Remix][*]
5. We Got Em [Remix][*]
6. Dont Work U Dont Eat [Remix][*]
7. Its Mango [Remix][*]
8. Cuttin [Remix][*]
9. Swishhouse N This Mutha [Remix][*]
10. Chant [Remix][*]
11. From da City [Remix][*]
12. U Feel Good Dont U [Remix][*]
13. Freestyle [Remix][*]
14. Rookie of da Year [Remix][*]
15. Ghetto Cry [Remix][*]

You can find the label at www.Swishahouse.com

Since I grew up with the Swishahouse and every rapper on the 3rd coast, I give it a five.

5 Stars