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Tumbletastic Tuesday CD #9

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Author: Tumble_weed, Zack, Blue
Posted on 08/02/2004
A cooperative review


Rock Against Bush Volume 1

Fat Wreck Chords

Ah ha...Fat Mike (Lead singer-NOFX, bass player of Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, but most importantly head of Fat Wreck Chords) and friends are back with another ad-hoc type compilation - Rock Against Bush Volume 1...yes that's right there will be another. The majority of tracks are "Previously unreleased/rare tracks" In fact 17 of the 26 songs are new. However some of the "new" songs are just re-recordings of old songs. I.e. Against Me!'s electric version of Sink, Florida, Sink and Less Than Jake's The Brightest Bulb Has Burnt Out with Sir Billy Brag, actually he's not a Sir, but does that really matter?

This CD was made for the purpose, well how about I quote what's written on the back of the CD? Good Idea. "The bands on this comp have come together for onr reason, and that's to express our outrage at - and form a unified front against - the dangerous, distructive, and deadly policies of George W Bush and his administration." This CD is clearly voted at Americans at voting age, however I am neither, but there are many good songs on the CD, and the message is clear

The songs are supplemented with two-and-a-half pages of commentary from Fat Mike about the wrong doings of Bush as well as 40 reasons to hate him hidden somewhere in the booklet, worth reading. But I must admit some of the reasons are a bit stupid and aren't real reasons to hate the man. ie "#36 Choked on a pretzel and nearly lost his life while seated in front of a TV", but we get the message anyway.

There is also more stuff about George W Bush on the DVD which includes a
a documentary about the "spin and hype" created by the government about the Iraq war as well as a documentary about the 2000 elections and another documentary called "No More Enrons". Plus videos from Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, Strike Anywhere, and NOFX (Obviously). Also there are some ads about Bush, which were made for a competition called "Bush In 30 Seconds Ad Contest." How about just watching it…

But enough of that, back to the music. The highlights of the CD would be Sum 41 - Moron, Alkaline Trio - Warbrain, Anti-Flag - The School Of Assassins, The Soviettes - ¡Paranoia! Cha-Cha-Cha, Strike Anywhere - To The World, Pennywise - God Save The USA, New Found Glory - No News Is Good News and NOFX - Jaw, Knee, Music (but they probably should have just stuck to putting Idiot Son Of An Asshole on the CD!) Although that seems like a long list of favorite songs, it isn't remember there are 26 songs on this CD and there are just as many mediocre songs on this CD. Just so i'm not being biased, I'll tell you the songs I think are crap. Probably the two worst songs would have to be Denali - Normal Days and RX Bandits - Overcome (The Recapitulation). I'm sure they could have been replaced by something such as Propagandhi. But ignore that, this isn't about Propagandhi!

This isn't a fantastic CD, but there are some good songs, but over all it does what it aims to do...Rock Against Bush. This CD ensures that Fat Mike's message that "Dubya" is an idiot will be reaching your CD player in no time (well providing that you buy the CD). The caricature of George on the front cover covering his ears (which is far better than the one which was on the cover of NOFX - The War On Errorism) somehow reinforces this. Anyway now for something completely...stolen from Monty Python, I mean, here's the track listing:

1.Nothing To Do When You're Locked Away In A Vacancy - None More Black
2.Moron - Sum 41
3.Warbrain - Alkaline Trio
4.Need More Time - Epoxies
5.The School Of Assassins - Anti-Flag
6.Sink, Florida, Sink (Electric) - Against Me!
7.Baghdad - The Offspring
8. Lion and the Lamb - The Get Up Kids
8.Give It All - Rise Against
9.No W - Ministry
10.Sad State of Affairs - Descendents
11.Revolution - Authority Zero
12. ¡Paranoia! Cha-Cha-Cha - The Soviettes
13.That's Progress - Jello Biafra with D.O.A.
14.Overcome (The Recapitulation) - RX Bandits
15.No Voice of Mine - Strung Out
16.To the World - Strike Anywhere
17.Heaven is Falling - The Ataris
18.God Save The USA - Pennywise
19.Normal Days - Denali
20.The Expatriate Act - The World/Inferno Friendship Society
21.No News is Good News - New Found Glory
22.Basket of Snakes - The Frisk
23.Jaw, Knee, Music - NOFX
24.It's the Law - Social Distortion
25.The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out - Less Than Jake with Billy Bragg

I give Rock Against Bush Volume 1

4 Stars

Jason Mraz - Waiting For My Rocket to Come by Zack


Well, this is the first CD Review I have ever done, so bare with me on those regards. Anyway, if you don't know who Jason Mraz is per se, then maybe you might recall two songs of his that were quite popular a few months ago called "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" and "You and I". I know I've heard both of those songs and I liked them quite a bit because they were a fresh sound unlike anything else I've heard coming out of modern artists in the music industry. I keep hearing all these really gay Pop-Punk bands that should be shot because they always have that really gay nasal voice that just gets so old after one song. I prime example would be the band that did "Perfect". I honestly can't remember what the band's name is but I seriously hate bands with that sound because they seem to come from all over the world now and are DRIVING ME INSANE.

EDIT by Tumble_weed: ‘Twas Simple Plan

Anyway, Jason Mraz had the complete opposite effect. His music is really mellow and the type of stuff I can sit around and just relax. Just two songs of his I heard on MTV convinced me to try out his CD and I wasn't disappointed at all. I first heard "The Remedy" and fell in love with it because it was so much different than anything else I've heard from all this trendy shit that keeps happening. A few months later he came out with another single "You and I" and I was just like ...damn. I found both songs to be really catchy and original so I just had to get the CD. Once I bought it I drove home and put it in my Stereo and cranked up the volume.

I was in love with the CD after listening to it once. Most of the time it takes a while for me to start liking something especially when it's something I'm not familiar, but for some reason the style he has just really does it for me. Songs I particularly liked are "Who Needs Shelter", "Curbside Prophet", and well...the whole CD actually. There isn't one song on this CD I don't like. There really isn't much to say about it in general, because each song is completely different and just as catchy as the ones before and after it. The only thing I can really say is that I strongly recommend checking this CD out if you are someone who appreciates all types of music (with the exception of pop-punk...queers).

Track Listing:

1. You & I Both
2. I'll Do Anything
3. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
4. Who Needs Shelter?
5. Sleep All Day
6. Too Much Food
7. Absolutely Zero
8. On Love, In Sadness
9. No Stopping Us
10. The Boy's Gone
11. Tonight, Not Again

If I were to score this CD I would give a perfect 5, because in my mind it earned it.

5 Stars


Usher - Confessions by Blue

La Face Records

Well, since this is my first review, I thought I would review something new. This is what I just happen to be listening to at the time I chose a CD. So I guess I’ll get started

Confessions, like Usher’s other CDs, has songs that are meant to be played in a basement party, and songs that you listen to after breaking up with your girlfriend, or there is just something bad with you’re relationship, and you need music to calm your nerves.

The CD had many appearances by other artists, which is normal. Hey, if you know a lot of people, put them on your CD. Makes perfect sense seeing that any respected artist would do this.

I decided that I would go and get the CD after hearing Yeah! a few times. It was alright to me, but to a non-Usher fan, somebody who isn’t concerned with R&(haven’t used that key in a while)B, or someone who doesn’t enjoy slow songs, it would be considered a slow CD and would eventually hit the bottom of the play list, or be loaned to a friend, and not expected to be given back.

The CD jewel case and the CD itself look depressing, draped in browns and blacks, looking at it will tell u that Usher isn’t quite recovered from his break up, and he is pumping more slow songs then ever.

You can enter his record label’s website (LaFace) by going here or going to his own site href="http://www.usherworld.com/">here

Anyway, here is the track listing...

1. Intro
2. Yeah!
3. Throwback
4. Confessions (interlude)
5. Confessions, Pt 2
6. Burn
7. Caught Up
8. Superstar (interlude)
9. Superstar
10. Truth Hurts
11. Simple Things
12. Bad Girl
13. That’s What It’s Made For
14. Can U Handle It?
15. Do It to Me
16. Take Your Hand
17. Follow Me

If you ever become heartbroken, you know where to turn...

I give Usher-Confessions, a 3

3 stars