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blue\\\'s interviews #2: RPGVirtuoso

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Author: blue
Posted on 02/05/2006
what. winamp skipped a number, so can i. i even went back to the number i skipped.


interview start-----------------------------------------------------------
so RPGVirtuoso, tell the 30 or so active members about your self
I\'m RPGVirtuoso.
I\'m the site reviewer, and I\'m really cool.
I am working on a game right now called Tarot Noire.
Nobody believes I can pull it off, so I\'ll show them.
I\'m not some newb.
Err yeah I\'ve been here in Blade2k for a long time, but hadn\'t been staff till now.
I think that\'s all I can really say about myself...
why did you first coe to the site?
Somehow from RPG2knet. That\'s all I remember.
wo you\'ve been a active member for how long now?
I don\'t remember.
Probably since the site started?
thats a long ass time.
I guess...
so what do you do as the site reviewer, for all the retarded people who dont know
I review games. :)
Which I should do again soon.
indeed. which gane was your last review?
Mana Conquest. >.>
Ramza\'s game.
yes. yes it was.
so, um, tell us a little about Tarot Noire
It\'s my big project.
Upon completion, it would be real good.
But that goes without saying that there is a chance it will not be completed.
about how far is it from compleation
I\'m going all the graphics by myself.
and the system.
i await it\'s compleation.
so, are you working on anything besides TN
Well I was starting ZenS tory 3 which is on halt.
Also may be starting a webcomic....
ahh yes. a webcomic. *cough* *cough* *ill help write* *cough* *cough*
err, need a cough drop.
so what do you do besides all the stuff you just said
I play Ragnarok.
Not much lately, but it\'s still on my HD.
by your screen namy, you are also a fan of rpg\'s
Yes. That I am. :)
so is it true that FFIX sucked balls
However, I have been deprived of all the new titles.
I don\'t know roman numerals. XD
I didn\'t mind nine.
I still think FF7 is very overrated.
oh. 9 just didnt play like 8. and yes, 7 is a tad bit overrated
A tad? XD
well, a movie AND a game based from it, so... yeah
did you hear about the FPS?
Agent posted a topic on the forums about it.
yea. i read it not too long ago
but yes. play any sports?
err, any activities of any kind?
like, err, spriting?
I like spiriting.
I wanna become really good at drawing and spriting.
I can become the biggest loser in the world and be happy just because I\'d be able to do those two things.
sorry. hot dog
so would you consider a carrer in spriting? (i.e. a professional webcomic)
I\'d consider a career in both.
Also 3D graphics.
indeed. have you ever thought about selling your pictures
If people were crazy enough to buy, sure.
*cough* *eBay* *cough*
so. where are you from.
Born and raised. :)
Toronto born and raised.
err, yea.
apples or oranges
damn straight oranges. apples are sub-par
Oranges are god-food.
it\'s the real forbidden fruit.
indeed. so tasty.
mmmmm. oranges.
errr, yea. any thing you would like to say before we finish?
No. Not really. :X
but you have to, i cant finish without a finishing statement.
Okay okay.
... yeah

*as a side note, oranges are damn good. so there.